Certificates & Standards

Our products are analysed and checked by accredited institutes. The certification is made by recognized partners like e.g. DinCerto, Vincotte or TÜV. Regular checks ensure the high quality of our products.

Our standards include the most important certificates in the respective area of the recycling and disposal industry and create a quality feature for consumers and disposal companies with just one sign.

Our Standards

 Our entire range is divided into our three material standards.

Packaging made of cellulose

Our solution for the natural organic cycle

Packaging made of bio degradables

Our solution for the industrial organic cycle

Print the seal on your packaging ...

For disposal

Label your sustainable packaging with this seal on the back as a clear indication of the correct disposal.

For consumers

Mark your product on the front to evoke a positive incentive to buy on the store shelf for your sustainable packaging

... and we communicate for you!

The link “verycompostable.com” leads to our information blog. We write an editorial article and feature your company.

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Your Added Value

This way everybody will benefit from your decision to reduce plastic.

By labeling your packaging everyone will benefit from your decision to reduce plastic. The link to www.verycompostable.com printed on your seal leads to our educational webpage. Here you will find information on all topics related to the recycling economy, plastic issues and environmental innovations. Become a part of our “success stories”- in this section we report editorially about our cooperation and feature your company.