Our Services

We advice you in all matters concerning sustainability and ecology. We analyse your potential and together with you we develop your future-proof strategies for saving plastic. 

We develop realisable concepts and support you in changing your product for the future. Together with our manufacturers and in a dialogue with the disposal industry we realise concepts that are capable of circulation.

1. Consultation & Conception

We analyse your existing packaging, evaluate products according to comprehensive environmental aspects and conceive sustainable solutions.

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2. Design & Development

Our designers will create the right appearance for you and your brand. Functional, aesthetic and producible – cost-optimised and sustainable.

3. Production & Logistics

We print, fold, glue, punch, laser, perforate, cut out and seal. We exclusively produce in Europe and work with high values and standards.

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4. Certification & Communication

We visualise the advantages of your new packaging and communicate it effectively. Benefit from our public relations. We will support your marketing optimally.

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