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Compostable zero waste packaging for industrial applications. We support you in achieving your company's sustainability goals..

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Consulting & Development

We advise you in all matters concerning circular economy. We develop and design for you individual packaging and product solutions.

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Production & Trade

We produce and distribute packaging and packaging accessories. Our products meet international standards and are available in various designs.

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Certificates & Communication

We help you to highlight and communicate the positive features of your packaging. Our products are checked and assessed by accredited institutions.

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Our Standards

Each packaging has special requirements, we offer process-optimised solutions.

Packaging made of cellulose

Our solution for the natural organic cycle

Packaging made of bio degradables

Our solution for the industrial organic cycle

Very Compostable

Our packaging is recyclable by a degree of 100%, that also pleases our customers.
Read more about our references in our verycompostable-blog.

YAMO: Home compostable packaging for snack bars.

Home compostable packaging for organic snack bars – a success story by "yamo" and rePAQ.

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HYLEA: Premium Organic Brazil Nuts Packed Plastic-Free.

Home compostable doypacks for premium organic Brazil nuts – a success story by "Hylea" and Repaq.

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PURE TEA: Authentic Organic Teas Packed In Plastic-Free Doypacks.

Home compostable doypacks for organic teas – a success story by "Pure Tea" and Repaq.

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teeimglas Kopie
TEE IM GLAS: Organic Tea Blends Packed In Compostable Doypacks.

Compostable Doypacks for organic tea blends – a success story by "Tee Im Glas" and Repaq.

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