Development & Consultation

We advise you in all matters relating to the circular economy. We develop and design individual packaging and product solutions for you.

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Production & Trade

We manufacture and sell compostable packaging and packaging accessories. Our products meet international standards and are available in a variety of designs.

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Certification & Optimization

We help you to visualize the positive features of your packaging. Our products are tested and evaluated by accredited institutes.

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Our Standards

Each application has its own needs. We offer the best solution for all!
(biological, technical & industrial)

Packaging made of cellulose

Our solution for the natural organic cycle

Packaging made of bio degradables

Our solution for the industrial organic cycle

Packaging made of recyclable materials

Our solution for the industrial technical cycle

Very Compostable

Clients and current projects with our packaging. Bit by bit, they become very compostable.

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